Susun Atas GamePlay:

Congratulation! You got a new job. Now, you are working in a shipping company and you are responsible for placing all the packages into the truck in the right way. Do you know the packing symbols in the cartons? In a fun game called Susun Atas at y8 unblocked 2 player, you just need to focus on the only symbol which is an upward arrow. When you see this symbol in the package, you have to place the package to face upward to avoid damaging the contents inside the box. After understanding the meaning of it, are you ready for work?

Your main objective is to earn as many scores as you can by placing each package on the right side in the shortest time. Your work ends when the truck is full. With a package placed properly, you earn 1 point. Be quick because you have a very short given time. Rotate it counterclockwise until the arrow is pointing up, then you know you succeed. When the time bar for every 3 packages runs out, another 3 packages will appear. This job is so stressful but it’s what you love to do.

So make sure you try your best to impress your boss on the first day of work. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you may fail and get fired soon but you can be hired once again and be better this time and the next time. Time is gold, so this hard work should be done professionally in the shortest time to deliver the goods to the customers on time. Although it’s hard, you can experience joy while working. Good luck and have a great day.

Try to work well and protect your position in the company. Besides, get relax with other choices of games after work such as Go Up Dash and Find These Guys.

How to play:

Click on the package to rotate it.

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