Zombie Mission 11 GamePlay:

The pirate zombies are attacking the seas and capturing the mermaids. All sea creatures are also being turned into zombies. Fight them and rescue mermaids. Zombie Mission 11 is waiting for you at https://y8y8y8.games/. So, you can choose to play 1-player mode or 2-player mode with one of your friends on the same device. Whatever mode you choose, your main mission is to kill all zombies and rescue all trapped mermaids.

During the adventure on the beach and under the water, you will have to deal with a lot of dangers, not only zombies but also deadly traps. Be careful in every step you make. You don’t want to run out of HP before you reach the exit for sure. When you see a suit, put it on to get some advantages. However, when you wear it, you can’t pick out helpful items such as weapons, HP, coins, and so on.

To collect these things, you have to take off that suit. After that, you can put it on one again and keep going forwards. This Y8y8 com game offers 25 levels and a level is clear only if you kill all zombies, rescue all mermaids and reach the final destination. When you get attacked and get damaged, then die, you will respawn back at the last parrot you touch.

A parrot means a checkpoint. Break a leg and enjoy the great gaming time. Here are some of the best games you should try out: Stickman Parkour and Stickman Archero Fight.


Player 1 uses WASD to move, C to hit/shoot, V to throw a grenade, W to make a wall jump, Q-E to switch weapons, and Q+E to use a special attack (when the bar is full).

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, L to hit/shoot, K to throw a grenade, up arrow to make a wall jump, O-P to switch weapons, and O+P to use special attack (when the bar is full).