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Have you ever heard of Fidget spinner? Of course, you have. Fidget spinner is the latest hype in the world. Everyone is crazy about it. However, instead of spending a lot of money on a fidget spinner, then holding it in hand and spinning it constantly, you can have a more amazing experience in Vili.io. Why? Because you will play with many people around the world without any fees. This y8y8y8 game is a fun-addicting fidget spinner themed io game.

All you need to do to start is to type a unique nickname, choose a favorite skin and jump into an epic multiplayer battle with games y8. You are a small and slow spinner. Your spinner can grow 6 times in size and rotate up to 4.2 Quintillion RPM. In order to reach that size and speed, you have to collect tons of little donuts on the map. Just moving around and eat as many as you can. The more food you eat, the faster and bigger you are. In y8 free games, you should avoid those have a higher RPM value because you will explode if they touch you.

In addition, you can eliminate other slower opponents and eat their rests. Due to multiplayer online game, the competitiveness at here is really high. So you must be careful in order to survive as long as possible. Let’s jump into the battle and rule the leaderboard. Besides Vili.io, we also provides a wide range of interesting games, such as SuperSpin.io at io game!

How to play:

Use your mouse to control your fidget spinner.

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