Words of Wonders GamePlay:

Words of Wonders is an enjoyable word puzzle game that tests your vocabulary with a wide range of exciting and challenging word puzzles. It is both easy and challenging. Your main objective is to form the required words from given letters. Each level requires you to form a different number of words within a set of letters. You just need to connect the letters to form a word. It’s ok if the word that you form is not correct.

You will not lose points or anything. Besides, you don’t have to complete a level within a specific amount of time. So, do not rush. Take your time to find all the required words. Sometimes, you will form a word that the game doesn’t require and you will earn diamonds for that. To earn diamonds, you have to fill the progress bar by completing a number of levels. Diamonds are used to buy hints. You can shuffle the letters and this option is free. You can use a hammer to reveal any letter you want or use a hint to get a random letter revealed.

Before you use a hint, make sure you try different ways to find the word. It takes time to earn diamonds while a hint is worth a lot of diamonds. By completing levels, you will discover different wonders of the world. This game will take you to different countries to visit different wonders. The puzzle becomes more challenging as you advance as it gives more letters and introduces longer words. Don’t hesitate anymore. Start challenging your vocabulary skills here and test your skills in other Y8y8y8 puzzle games.

How to play: Mouse.

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