SuperSpin.io GamePlay:

SuperSpin.io is one of the most interesting multiplayer games in which you can play with many people around the world. Inspired by the fun and popular game Spin Figdget, the game promises to bring you new and memorable experiences while playing here. In this game, you will not have a specific goal, instead you will fight to defeat the other opponents and put your name on the top of the Leaderboard.

With SuperSpin.io, you will have two main missions. The first task for you is to control your superspin to collect as many useful items as possible on the screen. This will help you increase in size and strength in this multiplayer battle. The second task for you is that you must avoid or destroy other opponents who are trying to find ways to destroy you. They are usually larger in size and strength than you. So you should avoid colliding with them or you will die. Try it now!

This means that the game will end immediately. A good tip for you is that when you are small, you should focus on gathering useful objects to increase size and strength. After you become bigger, you can destroy any opponent in the battle. Good luck! 

How to play?

The mouse to control, click to collect.

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