Pyramid Exit Escape GamePlay:

Pyramid Exit Escape is an exciting puzzle game that has a simple concept. It puts you in the shoe of a pyramid thief. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, your target is to move the sarcophagus out of the pyramids. However, the exit is blocked by stone blocks, then you have to move these stone blocks to open the way and escape. This mission sounds simple but it’s not. Each tone moves differently and you have to rearrange them. You can’t break those blocks except for moving them to the blank space if it fits.

You need to locate the exit first and then decide which blocks need to be moved first. Don’t forget that you can move the sarcophagus as well. Hurry up! you don’t have much time. Escape as fast as you can is what you want to do. Otherwise, you will be trapped inside the pyramid forever. Each level requires you to clear the mission in 60 seconds. You can’t earn extra time by any means. How much time is left decides how many stars you get.

At the top of the screen in this Y8y8 com game, you will see how much time is left and how many stars are left. Of course, you don’t need 3 stars. As long as you escape from the pyramid with the sarcophagus before time runs out, you can move to the next level. This game features 32 levels in total and if you’re able to finish a level within 1 minute, you need about 32 minutes to finish this game. Can you make it?

As you advance, it’s more challenging to get out of the pyramid with the sarcophagus. Help a safe journey and don’t forget that so many choices of games are waiting for you to discover. Some of them are Hug and Kis City and Summer Match Party.

How to play: Mouse.

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