Magic Show Memory GamePlay:

Magic Show Memory is the latest puzzle game at y8 games that suits all ages. It has simple control mechanics and gameplay. You don’t need to spend time practicing or finding out how to play. It’s easy to play but hard to master. Why? Because it tests your memory. You have to memorize something you need to memorize to clear every single level in the game. Your main objective is to flip the cards and find the pairs of two identical cards. The cards won’t change their positions but memorizing all the cars that have been flipped is a real challenge.

When you flip two different cards, they will be turned upside down. When you flip 2 similar cards, they won’t be turned upside down. Until all cards are revealed, your mission in that level is clear. However, you have to complete each mission within a given time. If all pairs of identical cards haven’t been found yet while time runs out, you have to restart that level. Like other level-based games that you have played at https://y8y8y8.games/ or out there, the difficulty will increase as you level up.

Here, the challenge is shown in the increasing number of cards that appear in later levels, and the more cards appear in a level, the harder to conquer that challenge. To memorize the cards easier, you should flip the car vertically or horizontally. You shouldn’t flip the cards randomly, even though chances are you can find a pair of identical cards if you are lucky enough. 15 levels will give you excitement and unforgettable moments. Have fun and enjoy your free time in other games such as Christmas Bridge Runner and 100 Doors: Escape Puzzle

Controls: Mouse.

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