Impossible GamePlay:

Everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Is that true or false? You can’t decide the right answer when you come to a puzzle game called Impossible. Here at y8 co m new games, some things seem to be possible but impossible and verse. You have to deal with the impossible puzzle but possible to solve. How can you succeed in solving all those weird puzzles? Launch the game and find your answer now. There are 21 levels and you have a certain number of move to complete all of them. Sound challenging, doesn’t it? When you enter the game, you will have a chance to spin the lucky wheel. You will have some extra moves or some of your available moves will be eliminated. Basically, you have in a total of 500 moves for 21 puzzles.

On y8 unblocked, you have to save your moves to use in the later levels because the difficulty level increases as you level up. Look at the game board and choose the right way of movements to change the position of each cube in order to save your moves effectively. Your main goal is to change the position of each cube to create the right shape as required in each level.

If you use too many moves in some first stages, you will soon be out of move for more challenging levels later. So, make the right choice each time and save as many moves as possible. Then, you can finish all 21 levels within the given number of moves. Be well-prepared. This game is insanely hard. After winning, you can keep challenging yourself in other choices such as Drag N Merge and Master Chess

Instructions: Use your mouse to drag the cubes to the wanted position.

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