Fish Eat Getting Big GamePlay:

Life is not easy. Everyone knows that. In Fish Eat Getting Big, you play as a fish and you have to find a way to keep yourself safe before tons of fearsome predators around you. They are trying to swallow you. To survive, you need to get bigger and stronger. And to make it, you need to hunt small fish. Do you see a number above each fish in the ocean? It shows the fish’s power. You can only eat fish with the same number of smaller numbers.

The more fish you eat, the more power you get. Your life is threatened by bigger fish, mines, and undead fish. So, you should avoid them. When you die, you will respawn and you can keep playing. This Y8y8y8 online game offers 3 different player modes. You can play this game alone or with 2 more friends on the same device. You complete the game by achieving 10,000 power. When there are 2 or more players, Versus item will spawn. Grab it and Versus mode is on. Versus mode is indicated by a lightning icon. Players can eat each other.

The player who has the biggest power is the winner. Besides chasing smaller fish types, you can also collect coins. You can use coins to unlock new fish types or new oceanic backgrounds on the market before starting any match. It’s time to explore the ocean and encounter a wide variety of fish species. Consume as much fish as possible to get bigger in size, then rule the ocean. Have fun and when you become the king of the ocean, you can challenge yourself with other multiplayer games such as Stack Runner Short Path Racing and Enchanted Waters.


Player 1 uses WASD to play.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to play.

Player 3 uses the mouse to play.

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