100 Doors Escape Room GamePlay:

Why do many people choose to play a puzzle game in their spare time? Besides the entertainment aspect, this genre brings players a lot of benefits such as increasing IQ, improving memory and problem-solving skills, reducing stress, and more. That’s why the Y8y8y8 puzzle game collection is always updated with new additions and 100 Doors Escape is one of them. In this point-and-click puzzle game, you and Doctor will sneak into Lord kelly’s mansion. It looks like a haunted place but no, it has so many mysteries, secrets, and fancy things to discover.

To discover everything that needs to be revealed, you have to unlock 100 doors. Behind each door, you have to solve a puzzle. Find and collect hidden objects and interactive elements to solve the puzzle, then you can move deeper into Lord Kelly’s mansion. And after a puzzle is solved, the game will give you an interesting fact about this world and life. You will get stuck sometimes. Don’t worry. You can use hints to keep going. Look around so you don’t miss anything important. Seeking every corner and you will find what you need to find.

Each puzzle has its own mechanics. and most doors will be opened with a key or when energized by gems. Let’s see how much time you need to open 100 doors. Put your brainpower to the ultimate test here. Show off your ingenuity wit and wisdom to conquer it and then, you can discover other fun games such as Mechanic Master Run and Feller 3D. Besides, stay tuned. New additions are on their way. All options are hand-picked, so we guarantee that you will have a good time with any game on our site. Have fun!

How to play: Mouse.

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