Mechanic Master Run GamePlay:

You have played tons of games related to cars, haven’t you? Today, we won’t introduce to you a driving or racing game but a game about cars. It’s Mechanic Master Run. Here, you are a mechanic and you are a master of customizing cars. Many customers come to you to upgrade their cars. If you want to upgrade a car, you need to have enough car spare parts. So, don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s collect car spare parts now. In each level, you have to collect the same car spare parts as required to customize a car at the end.

There are 3 needed parts. However, you don’t have to collect those 3 parts. Instead, you just need to pick up at least one part to finish that level. A level is incomplete only when you miss all 3 needed parts. You are fine if you crash into obstacles. Yes, you fall but you still get up and keep walking to the finish line. It’s so simple, right? Unlike other games that have the same gameplay in which you will have to restart the level if you hit one obstacle, you can fall several times here and nothing happens. So, don’t worry. Just confidently move toward it. As soon as you don’t leave all 3 parts behind, you hardly fail a level.

That’s why this game suits all ages, even kids. Nothing can stop you from going to the finish line. How is your gaming experience here? You are sure to have a great time as a mechanic. Don’t forget that you can find tons of Y8y8y8 fun games on our site. They come from different genres. Whether you need something filled with actions or tactics, you always find several choices here. Here are our suggestions for you Feller 3D and Impostors vs Zombies: Survival.

Controls: Mouse.

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