Zero Twenty One: 21 Points GamePlay:

Zero Twenty One: 21 Points is an interesting game about math. Don’t leave when you heard that the game is related to numbers. All games about numbers at https://y8y8y8.games/ are fun to play. It’s called 21 points because your goal is to choose to do addition or subtraction to keep the sum of the numbers on all cards always greater than 0 and less than 21. That means the sum of the numbers must be between 0 and 21.

At each level, you have a card and on that, there is a number. Depending on the number on your cards and other revealed cards, you choose the right card each time to combine with your card. When all the cards are uncovered and the sum of all cards is between 0 and 21, that level is complete and you move to the next stage. You have to think before doing math because when you choose the wrong card, you can’t undo it.

In this cool Y8y8 game, you see some cards that have arrow symbols on them. With the Min card, the current sum of cards will reduce to 1 and with the Max card, the sum of cards will increase to 20. You should be careful when using these cards. If you use them with a smart tactic, you get a lot of advantages. On the other hand, if you use them without thinking, you can end up with failure.

In addition, there is another special card on which you will see 2 arrows facing each other. This card makes the current sum of the cards turn into 10 no matter what number you have now. So enjoy it and other games such as Icy Purple Head 3 and Bunny Graduation Double.

Controls: Mouse or touch to choose the card.

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