Street Rider GamePlay:

Street Rider is the latest driving game at y8y8y8 games where you won’t compete against other racers but race against time or your own record. The game offers 4 awesome game modes including Oneway, Twoway, Time Attack, and Speed Bomb. Your ultimate goal in 4 modes is the same. It’s to survive as long as possible and try your best to drive to the furthest. Drive at the high speed but drive safely to pass all vehicles moving in the street. Do you know what? When you pass other vehicles at the closest possible distance, you get extra points.

And depending on the total distance, near miss, keeping above 100km/h, and opposite direction that is shown at the end of each stage, you will get a certain amount of money. With money, you can unlock new cars with better stats of Torque, Handling, Brake, and Speed. In the Oneway mode of this y8y8y8 game, you just need to drive your car in only one direction. In Twoway mode, if you drive your car the wrong way, you will get a penalty when your driving journey ends.

In Time Attack mode, try your best to go as far as possible within 100 seconds. In Speed Bomb mode, you will see a Bomb Health bar on the left side of the screen. Keep that bar full as long as you can by driving your car at high speed. Whenever you slow down, some of your Bomb Health points will be taken away and if you crash into any vehicle on the way, your car will explore. So, be careful. Driving at high speed brings you excitement but it’s best to drive safely. Good luck and here are our suggestions for you Burnout Crazy Drift and Lane Rush Pro 

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD to move, and Space to brake.

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