Rescuers GamePlay:

One of the toughest professions is the job of the rescuers. They have to work hard under pressure in order to save thousands of lives in many accidents such as the fire, the earthquakes, and the car accidents. Have you ever dreamed of being a rescuer to help the other people? y8 games offers you this chance to experience the adrenaline rush, the pressure along with the excitement of saving other peoples' lives in our latest game: Rescuers.

The colors of the game are extremely cute and adorable to create the soothing feeling for the players. The gameplay of this y8 for kids is quite simple and it's easy enough for the kids to grasp the concept easily. You will take control of the movement of two rescuers who are looking for the perfect position to catch the falling people. The fire is spreading very fast and the house might fall down in a short time. So it's up to you to save all the citizens who are trapped in the house. The rescuers are carrying the stretcher, therefore, it's really hard for them to look for the citizens.

You can change their moving direction as they keep on moving in order to reach the suitable position. Keep your focus and succeed in this mission to be the best rescuer in y8's collection! There are more games for the brave rescuer like Bbtan online.

How to play:

click with your left mouse to change the direction of the rescuers.

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