Knight Dash GamePlay:

Knight Dash is a simple but enjoyable game about the journey of finding treasures of a knight and you are in charge of leading that knight. It’s kind of a puzzle game rather than an adventure game that you may have played at y8 fighting games. You have to find the best way to help the little knight to collect as many golden coins as possible and reach the precious treasure and avoid deadly traps at each level.

Each time you swipe or use the keyboard to control your knight, he will move until he meets the wall or obstacles. He can’t stop in the middle. The path that the knight has to go through looks like a maze. It’s full of traps and of course, precious treasures. However, each level has only one treasure chest and you have to collect a golden key to unlock that chest.

Some of the first levels are easy and you can finish them without any problem and without leaving any coins behind. However, as you advance, things become more challenging as deadly traps are everywhere. Just a wrong move and your knight is dead. You don’t want to that happen, do you? One tip that you should apply in this juegos Y8 game is that observe the structure of the maze.

By doing that, you can figure out the safe way and know how to make use of the walls to change the direction. The knight is holding a sword and it serves one purpose which is to defeat ghosts and other enemies. Wish you luck and have a safe journey here. Also don’t forget to give the following options a try: Imposters 99 and Mortal Squid Games

Instructions: Arrow keys or touch.

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