KillMaster Secret Agent GamePlay:

KillMaster Secret Agent tests your shooting skills to a whole new level. Are you sure that you have what it takes to clear all missions? Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, it’s your time to prove that you are not only a skillful secret agent but also a kill master. It doesn’t like what you often experience in other shooter games. You won’t move around the map and have a gunfight with your enemies. Instead, you move forwards and jump, roll your way to deal with enemies.

While you’re in the air, you have to time your shots to kill enemies. Wait for the moment when the gun’s pointer hits the target, you shoot right away. If you miss that moment, it means you give your enemy a chance to kill you. Enemies won’t attack you until you miss a shot. You have to aim and shoot accurately at all targets in each level to win. In each level, you have to defeat a certain number of enemies with a given number of bullets.

In this Y8y8 game, a level is cleared when every single enemy is killed. Remember that you don’t have a second chance if you miss a shot. So make sure you aim at the target perfectly while you are in the air. Catch the moment when the pointer of the gun hits the target. Miss that moment and you’re dead. Succeed in defeating enemies and you will get rewards.

With rewarded coins, you can buy new weapons and skins to deal with more dangerous enemies later on. Good luck and have fun in the following games: Boom Battle Arena and BowArcher Tower Attack.

How to play: Click or tap to shoot.

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