Hill Race Adventure GamePlay:

Our site includes tons of games with different genres and racing games is one of the most favorite options that players look for and enjoy. Here at juegos y8, let’s introduce you to the latest choice called Hill Race Adventure. It’s a racing adventure through the hill. If you are ready, let’s start the show and be careful whenever you get on the car and do something related to speed.

Well! This game is friendly and it doesn’t require you have to have any special skills. You just need to launch your car and come to the finish line without causing any accidents. However, keep balancing is the key to complete each level. By the way, there are 21 levels in this game. Among them, 1 level is unlocked and 20 levels are locked. You start from level 1 and have to finish that level to move to the next one.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you aren’t good at balance, you will have some trouble during gameplay because if your car is accidentally overturned, it will explode. It seems that it’s quite vulnerable. The best tip to keep it safe is to apply the rule slowly but steadily. Don’t speed up because you don’t have to approach the finish line in a limited time. So just drive slowly and keep yourself safe to make sure that you don’t have to start that current level from the beginning.

Let’s see if you can finish each level with only one try. After playing this game, don’t forget to explore the huge collection of games on our site. Some of the best games for you are Water Car Stunt Racing and Extreme Truck Parking.


Use arrow keys to drive.

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