Hero Tower Wars GamePlay:

Hero Tower Wars is a great combination of a merging puzzle game and strategy game that you can play for free at https://y8y8y8.games/. Here, your main mission is to defeat enemies to destroy their tower and upgrade your tower. Do you see above your and your enemies’ heads have a number? That number is the power. The bigger number is, the stronger you and your enemies are.

It means you have to gain a bigger number to power up your hero, so you can kill all enemies inside their castle. To power up your hero, you should attack the ones who have a smaller number than yours. When you defeat them, their number will be yours. If you send your hero to the wrong floor and deal with a stronger monster, of course, you will be killed. There is no limited time; therefore, observe your enemies before making any moves.

Once you take action, you can’t go back. That’s why you should be careful right from the beginning. To be honest, this y8y8 games 1 player game isn’t too challenging. You can easily pass any level if you stay focused. You don’t have to be good at math to play it. Even kids can enjoy this game. Just drag your hero to the smaller monsters, and then you can kill them and gain power. Here, you will have an exceptional experience with numerous puzzles.

For all the players around the world who love merging mechanics and strategy puzzles, you guys must check this game out. Enjoy every single moment in this game and you always know that you have tons of amazing games to explore here, right? Some of them are Noob Hero Attitude and Pixel Hardcore

Controls: Mouse.

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