Free Birds GamePlay:

Someone traps poor birds in cages. It seems that they have been trapped for a long time. They are now longing to fly in the sky. You are here to help them. With your arrow, you should try your best to shoot at the rope hanging the cages to make those cages drop, then the birds will be free. This game offers 2 game modes including a level-based game mode and an endless game mode. In the level-based mode, you have 6 arrows to free all the birds in a level. With a miss, you lose a heart. In Endless mode, you have 5 hearts and your main objective is to go as far as possible with 5 hearts.

These hearts won’t be reset as it does in the Level-based mode. Try to use as few bows and arrows as possible to complete the mission. On some levels, you will see some arrow symbols on the screen. Shoot at one of them and this will activate an arrow system to rescue several birds at once. As you can experience in other level-based games at y8y8y8 kids games, difficulty won’t be the same from the first level to the final level.

The cages of birds and your bow won’t move. You should take your time to aim and shoot the arrows at each target. In later levels, obstacles will appear to block you while there are no power-ups to help you pass those obstacles or blow them up. It’s all up to your shooting skills. Try hard to rescue those poor birds and become their hero. Have a great time here and make sure you enjoy other Y8y8y8 shooter games such as Hospital Hustle and Tom's Adventure.

Instructions: Mouse.

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