Traffic Run GamePlay:

Traffic Run is one of the most challenging games related to cars available on y8 y8 online free games. If you don’t believe it, let’s try out and you agree with that statement. It’s about cars but you won’t sit behind the wheel and drive through any cities or something like this. Instead of that, you will control the traffic by making them stop and go ahead. It all happened at the crossroads. It means the cars come from 4 directions through the crossroad and you have to control each car and make them pass the crossroads without crashing into each other.

At first, it was easy because only a few cars showed up. But as time goes on, more cars appear and you will have difficulty controlling what is happening. If a vehicle stops, a vehicle coming from the same direction may suddenly appear and crash into it. All you need to conquer this game with the highest score is agility.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, with each vehicle that successfully passes the 4-way intersection, you will receive a point and the game will only end when an unexpected accident occurs. There won't be many people achieving high scores in this game. Are you one of them? The more you play the game, the more you will improve. And your score also becomes better each time you play. The difficulty of the game will be the attraction, making you play again and again. You don’t have any power-ups or upgrades to help you have a better performance. You have to depend on yourself.

Are you ready to deal with challenges? Let’s jump into the game and don’t forget to play other games as fun as this one such as Hill Race Adventure and Desert City Stunt.


Use your left click to stop the car.

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