Squid Operator Hunt GamePlay:

Squid Operator Hunt is a fun shooter game related to Squid Game. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you won’t be the participant who joins the game for the huge reward. You are a secret operative who is in charge of rescuing all innocent players who may lose their lives because of the deadly challenges of the Squid Game.

The game has 5 missions in total. The first one is clearing the dock full of enemies. The second one is killing all operatives and stopping the game. The third one is disrupting the dalgona game and changing the shape of all figures. The fourth one is gathering the food and deliver before the infighting begins, and the final one is raising the platform and saving the falling players. You have to clear these missions in order and you have only a certain amount of time and number of HP in each mission. If you get shot by the Squid operators, you lose some HP and the mission fails when time runs out or you die.

This Y8y8 com game requires you to take action fast and accurately. Time is not much. You have to take every possible chance to take down every single enemy. When your gun needs to reload, you should cover yourself and don’t approach too close to your enemies. Stay far away from them when you reload. After you get ready, move towards your target and quickly shoot at them. Collect some med kits around the map to recover your HP and pick up some ammo.

You’re alone here and only you can finish this mission. Good luck! Make sure you give other games a try. Some of the best options for you are The Great Zombie Warzone and Bazooka Boy Online.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, mouse to aim and shoot.