Poppy Dungeons GamePlay:

Poppy Dungeons is an amazing action, shooting, and puzzle game in which you have to kill Huggy Wuggy the monster, and enemy soldiers in a dangerous dungeon to survive and escape safely. Unlike other games about Huggy Wuggy at Y8 shooting games where you make friends with this purple monster, you and Poppy are enemies. To stay safe and escape from the dungeon at each level, you have to kill enemies and Huggy Wuggy.

Slowly move deep into the dungeon, pick up weapons and defeat all enemy soldiers. Don’t stay still. Keep moving while shooting. In the deepest part of the dungeon, you will face Huggy Wuggy and have to shoot at them from afar. Do not approach this monster too close. Otherwise, you will be attacked until you have no HP left. Only when the monster dies does the key appear and you can unlock the door to go deeper and find the ones who are trapped in this dungeon and save them.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, when you move close to the enemy soldiers, they will shoot you. That’s why you have to shoot at them while moving to both kill them and defend yourself. You can collect some useful items on your way such as weapons, shields, a first aid kit to recover, and more. There are 15 levels in total with different levels of difficulty.

Remember that once you move forward, do not go back. Otherwise, you have to deal with enemy soldiers once again. Get shot too many times and you will lose HP and if you don’t have a chance to recover your HP, you will die before you can get the key. Good luck and check out other games such as Super Cute Cat and Penguin Hop

How to play: Mouse.

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