Jewelry Mosaic GamePlay:

Jewelry Mosaic is the latest puzzle game that differs from other jewelry matching puzzle games that you have played at Y8 unblocked at school. Instead of matching more than 3 identical jewels, you have to place jewels on the board in the right way. The jewels are square. Each square jewel has 4 parts with different colors. And you have to place the jewels on the board so that the colors of them have to match each other.

For example: if the down part of this jewel is blue, the up part of the jewel that you will place next to it must be blue. In some first levels, a jewel is placed on the board in advance. Rely on that jewel, you can easily put the next jewel and fill the board with jewels. Later on, you have to start over by yourself. There is nothing to rely on. You have to choose the first jewel to place on the right spot of the board and keep placing the next ones.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, if all jewels have been placed correctly, the whole board will shine and you know the next level is unlocked. The game offers 50 levels and you start from level one. You can only move to the next level when the current one is complete. Of course, like other level-based puzzle games out there, the difficulty won’t be the same from the first level to the final level. It gets harder when you level up. If you place a jewel in the wrong spot, you can remove it.

Besides, there is no time-limited here. Take time to match the jewels. Enjoy your spare time here and in other fun games such as Merge Master: Dinosaur Fusion and Donut Stack

Controls: Mouse.

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