HyperDoll GamePlay:

HyperDoll is a fun stickman battle game that will bring you joy for hours. Get ready for the super stickman battle and be well-prepared to get victory home. Here at Y8 , your main objective in each level is to defeat enemies. You have to kill an enemy or more than one enemy at each level. You do it by moving your character toward your target and slashing him until he is killed. Your character has a certain number of health points.

When he gets attacked, some HPs will be taken away and there is no way to recover HP. Move around when you get attacked, especially in some levels where you face more than one enemy. Don’t ever stand still. Always move around to avoid being attacked. When you come close to one target, your character will automatically attack his rival. You don’t have to do anything else except for keeping him safe from enemies. Like other level-based games at , the challenging level increases significantly as you level up. It’s not a simple mission to kill enemies like in the previous levels anymore. You need to make a move fastly and accurately enough when facing more than one enemy.

You may get killed right after the battle begins. To avoid that happening, make sure you keep your distance from your opponent. Only approach them when you get ready. Don’t worry about time because the game doesn’t require you to clear each mission within a given time. As soon as you kill all enemies in each level, you can move to the next one. Are you excited? Check it out now. Don’t hesitate to show off your skills in other cool games such as NOVA Covered Ops and Wugy Halloween Tower War

Instructions: Mouse.

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