BMX Kid GamePlay:

BMX Kid is a cool BMX game that welcomes you with 2 exciting game modes. You are sure to have the most exciting experience here. This Y8y8com game features 2 modes including Arcade and Survival. In the Arcade mode, you have 40 levels to unlock and conquer. Each level requires you to reach the finish line while collecting a certain number of trophies without a given time.

There are some checkpoints on each level, so if you pass a checkpoint and die by accident, you will revive at that checkpoint and keep your journey going. You can ride your bike at a high speed or a slow speed but you will find it hard to master the speed when you go downhill. Besides, your bike easily gets damaged when you can’t land after a jump, stunt, or trick; therefore, it’s better to ride your bike slowly but steadily. The Survival mode doesn’t feature checkpoints. Here, your main goal is to go as far as possible with only one life. You don’t have to collect trophies as well.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you can freely do some awesome and cool stunts and tricks such as flips, grinds, or wheelies as long as you can land safely after that. Coins in the game are used to unlock new bikes and riders. To unlock new levels in the Arcade mode, you not only have to reach the finish line in the current level but collect as many stars as you can. You need a certain number of stars to unlock the next levels.

You can log in to the game every day to claim a daily reward. Have fun and check out other exciting options such as 2 Player Battle Car Racing and 4WD Race Legend

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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