Healing Rush GamePlay:

Healing Rush is a simple but addicting game at Y8 free games where you play as a doctor. You just come to this town and open a small clinic. Your dream is to build one of the greatest hospitals ever with the most talented doctors. And you start to make your dream come true from today. It seems that citizens in the town have fallen ill because of stranger diseases. Right after your clinic opens, so many citizens are waiting.

At first, you own a small clinic with only one or two beds for patients and by saving patients, you will expand your clinic and turn it into a big and trusted hospital with several rooms and beds. Your everyday mission is to take the patients to the bed and heal them. It sounds unreal but you can carry up to seven patients at once to the beds and give them pills or fever reducers depending on the disease they have. It’s a rush but don’t worry, there is no time-limited. However, the faster you take action, the more patients are healed and the more money you earn.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, everything seems to be repeated but you still find it fun to play for sure. There are so many works to do and spaces to open. Save money to expand your hospital. Every day is a busy day and you won’t have time to rest. You need to hurry up and use the right medicine to heal your patients. You will meet some patients with an alert alarm above their heads. They will give you a case filled with gold before they leave the hospital.

With rich content and enjoyable gameplay, you will have a lot of fun. Enjoy it and other games such as Brawl Stars Leon Run and Pancake Tower 3D.

How to play: Mouse.

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