Brawl Stars Leon Run GamePlay:

Brawl Stars Leon Run is a great endless running and jumping game where you have to run and jump all the time to keep your life safe for as long as possible just like other endless runner games that you may have played at https://y8y8y8.games/. Here, Leon is going to embark on an infinite running adventure and he needs your help to stay safe from all dangers on the way. Leon has nothing to deal with dangers; therefore, the only way to pass every single obstacle is to jump over them.

Leon automatically runs forwards and all you need to do is to time each jump. Jump at the right moment to pass obstacles such as spikes, bottomless holes, enemies, and so on. If you get stuck and the scenery is still passing, you die and you have only one life. It means the game will be restarted and you have to start your running adventure from the beginning.

Like other games at Y8Y8 game Y8 offer new characters for you to unlock with coins. You can collect stars while running to unlock new avatars. It doesn’t matter if you can collect stars or not. New characters don’t have any specials to help you survive longer. They just bring something new to your journey.

Remember that Leon can’t stop. He keeps running until he crashes into an obstacle; therefore, you will become his eyes, his assistant, and your main mission is to control Leon to jump over dangers to pass them safely. There is so much fun to explore later on. Stay tuned to discover all of them and the following games Pancake Tower 3D.

Instructions: Tap or click.

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