Grinch Chase Santa GamePlay:

Grinch Chase Santa is the latest endless runner game that you can play at y8 online games on Christmas this year. This time, you won’t dress up Santa Claus or help him collect presents. All you need to do here is to help Santa Claus survive as long as you can because he is being chased by the Grinch. The Grinch wants to catch Santa Claus for some reason. Like other options of the same genre, you control Santa Claus to move to the left, and the right and jump over the obstacles.

Santa Claus auto-moves ahead. Watch out for the turns. You have to always look ahead and stay focused to be ready for all upcoming obstacles. Running to the furthest is your main mission. Besides it, you also have some sub-missions including Running for 1500 points, Collecting 150 coins, Playing 5 games, and so on. The farther you run, the more points you get. Here at y8y8y8.games, don’t forget to collect coins while running.

However, if you pay too much attention to collecting coins, you may make an unexpected mistake like hitting an obstacle. In addition to coins, you can also pick up some power-ups such as Coin Magnet, Invincibility, Speed Boost, and Double Coin. And with coins that you collected, you can buy boosters to make every single special item that you pick up while running last longer. Santa Claus has only one life.

Then, if he crashes into even one obstacle, he dies and you have to start the running adventure from the beginning. If you’re looking for more games about Christmas or games from other genres, check them out on our site. Our suggestions for you are 10x10 Winter Gems and Christmas Bridge Runner

Instructions: Arrow keys.

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