Drift 3 GamePlay:

Drift 3 is an enjoyable multiplayer online game in which you will compete against other online players in the world to find out who is the best drifter. Is that you? Here at y8y8y8.games, your hand-eye coordination will be tested. There is an endless racing track in the air and there are many twists and turns. And you will race against other online players. The winner is the last survivor. Before starting this special drifting race, you put a name in the name box and choose your favorite car.

Your car will auto-move ahead and you just need to tap or click and release your hand at the right time to drift around the tricky corners. If you take action at the wrong moment, you will fall off the track. You can see your ranking and other players’ ranking in the leaderboard. The key to survival is to always keep your eyes on the track. Don’t look at other players or look around. You need to be ready for each turn. Here at racing games, taking a turn at the wrong moment will take your life. In addition to that, you may be pushed by other players as well.

You also can collide with other cars and try to push them out of the track. It’s hard but it makes the game become more competitive. Do you see a mini-map at the top left of the screen? Look at that and you will know where are you and where you should go. Keep in mind that if you go the wrong way, your journey will end or you will lose your current ranking. That’s why the mini-map is there to guide you to the right way. Have fun here and in other games such as Arena Angry Cars and Dangerous Roads Instructions: Mouse.

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