Crazy Monster Shooter GamePlay:

Crazy Monster Shooter is an amazing endless shooter game in which you will deal with several waves of monsters. How many waves of monsters can you defeat? Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, it’s time for you to show off your shooting skills. You are brought to a dangerous land. Here is the home of monsters and hellish creatures. They smell you when you are here. Then, they come to you. You will be attacked by them soon; therefore, to stop that, let’s shoot down them right after they appear. Don’t let them come too close to you.

Otherwise, you get damaged and lose some HPs. Watch out for the flying monsters. They will explode. When you see a red circle around them, run away from that area to keep your life safe. You won’t die because several monsters attack at once but you will lose your life if you are affected by the explosion. The next wave of monsters will be stronger than the previous ones. To deal with them, you can collect different weapons dropped from the dead monsters.

And this y8 juegos de 2 game allows you to switch weapons whenever you want. You can even use grenades to kill several monsters at once. Because monsters come from all directions, you should move around instead of staying still. You can even walk into the giant skeleton of a monster and stay there to defend yourself. Remember that when you die, you won’t revive. That’s why you should be careful right from the beginning.

It’s a pity of you have reached a certain achievement, then die and can’t continue. Break a leg and on our site, there are so many cool games that can keep you hooked such as Stick Warrior Hero Battle and Devil Cry

Instructions: Mouse to aim and shoot. WASD to move and right-click to throw grenades.

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