Block Puzzle Sudoku GamePlay:

Block Puzzle Sudoku is an amazing combination of Sudoku and Tetris. You won’t play with numbers. Instead, you play with different blocks in a Sudoku 9x9 grid. This Y8y8y8 puzzle game offers 3 different game modes including Score missions, Journey, and Daily Challenges. You have a different target in each game mode and the way to reach that target is the same. All you need to do is to place blocks in the 9x9 grid.

All the lines, columns, or squares that are filled with blocks will be eliminated. In Score missions, you have to reach a target score in each level and the grid won’t be reset over level. In the Journey mode, you will go through a journey including several stages. In each stage, you have to collect a certain number of stars in different colors. The grid will be reset after each level. In Daily Challenges, each challenge requires you to get a specific of stars. In three game modes, there is no limitation. You are free to arrange the given blocks.

Three blocks are randomly offered each time. You have to use all 3 blocks before you get a new set. The game ends when a block doesn’t fit the grid. You have to restart the game. You can not change the direction of each block. How they appear, you put them just like that in the grid. This game is a breath of fresh air in the puzzle genre that won’t let you down. It will keep you hooked for hours for sure. Check it out now and try out other exciting games. Some of the best options for you are Enchanted Waters and Text Talk.

Instructions: Mouse.

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