Archer Peerless GamePlay:

A fun, hilarious, and challenging archery game is waiting for you to conquer at Y8y8. It’s called Archer Peerless. Show the world that you are the best archer out there by defeating all enemies when it’s your turn. Adjust the right angle to kill enemies before they kill you in each level. If you miss, it means you give your enemy a chance to kill you. There are 3 awesome modes for you to check out including Puzzle mode, Hunting mode, and Battle mode. Let’s go into detail in each mode.

Firstly, the Puzzle mode is where you have to find a reasonable way to kill enemies. You have to take advantage of the obstacles that you find around to give the best shot. As its name, Hunting mode is where you will hunt for dinosaurs. At each level, you have to kill a certain number of dinosaurs. They will run toward you and attack you. Shoot at their heads and you easily take them down.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, the last mode is the Battle mode. Here, you not only control one archer but several archers at the same time, and each shot will fire 3 arrows. That means you can kill several enemies at once and so do they. To help you adjust the angle of each shot easier, the game features percentage. It helps you have the better shot next time. Why? Because if you miss that shot, in the next turn, you can have an accurate shot based on the previous angle.

Each mode brings a different experience, so try them all if you have time. Return to our site to explore more games. New games are also added regularly. Now, let’s have a look at Tank Hero Online and Stickdoll 2.

Instructions: Mouse to adjust the angle of each shot and shoot.

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