Alien Reform GamePlay:

Alien Reform is an awesome combination of a survival game and a zombie shooter game that you can play for free anytime at y8y8y8.games. Here, you have a new mission. Do you know what is happening right now? Aliens and zombies appear on Earth and try to invade this planet. It’s up to you to protect it. What you have to do here is to shoot down every single zombie and alien in each level. You don’t have to find them because right after you appear, they come to you. You are soon to be surrounded by them. You have to shoot at them to kill them as fast as you can before you get attacked and die. Even though you can get extra HP from the boxes on the map, it’s better to keep yourself safe because you may not find the box consisting of HP when you need it the most. You will fight against zombies and aliens on 6 different maps and you have 15 different weapons to use. You can buy them in the store with the coins that you get from clearing a mission. And during the battle, you can switch weapons. This Alien Reform game offers 72 levels with increasing difficulty. After every 12 levels, you face a big boss. Certainly, the big bosses are much stronger than the common units. Try to shoot at enemies’ heads to kill them effectively. When you run out of bullets, you can pick up bullets on the map. Don’t forget to log in to the game daily to claim a daily reward. Have a great gaming time here and in other games such as Monster Reform and Save Your Home Instructions: WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to switch camera, U to use a bazooka, R to reload, C to crouch, and 1/2/3 to switch weapons.

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