Yeti Sensation GamePlay:

Do you like running and other sports? Imagine that life is like a race and you need to finish it. In the Y8y8y8y kids games, you can play Yeti Sensation game online and collect fruits and more rewards on your way to the start of the game. You have probably played many running games in the same way. However, this game brings a lot of fun to you by avoiding traps and obstacles on the way.

When you open a new world, you cannot forget this amazing game. Therefore, you need to run as far as possible, collect as many fruits as you can to buy and upgrade items in the game store. Be prepared for any obstacles like snow or ice, as it will be difficult for you to encounter on the run. You should adjust the direction properly, avoid traps in a flexible way and complete your run with lots of fruit. Try it now!

Yeti Sensation game can load quickly, so you don’t need to worry about your browser, phone or tablet problems anymore. When finishing the race, you will use the fruit you earn to buy stuff in the store that helps you a lot. Don’t forget to keep a clear mind and flexible handling when playing games. You also can play some fun games at legends games like Picture Quiz Free or FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush


Move the Yeti by using the "mouse" and collect the fruits.

Click, tap or swipe left or right to change the line more.

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