Tiles Hop Ball Master GamePlay:

Are you looking for a ball jumping skillful arcade game? Tiles Hop Ball Master is a great option for you. Let’s check how skillful you are in a wide range of challenges in this y8 games 1 player game. Here, your main goal in each level is to make the ball bounce through each tile to the top. When it lands on one tile, it makes a sound. Interestingly, if you control the ball to land right on the white circle of each tile, the sound is even better.

It’s ok if the ball doesn’t land on the white circle but you have to make sure that it won’t fall off the tile. Otherwise, you have to restart that level. A level is clear when the ball bounces from the starting point to the end. Some tiles will stay still but some will move. So, be careful to keep the ball safe. While bouncing, if the ball lands on the coins, you will get the coins. Coins are used to unlock new skins for the ball.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, controlling the real-time position of the ball to make it arrive at the top of the tiles isn’t easy but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you get used to the control mechanics and gameplay, nothing can stop you and the ball to reach the top of the platform. Of course, like most level-based games out there, the challenging level of the game increases as you level up.

There are not only moving platforms but also something else trying to make you fail. Can you handle them? You’re sure to succeed, aren’t you? Enjoy your gaming time here and in other fun games on our site such as Danger Dash and Couple Rich Rush

Instructions: Mouse.

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