Popcorn Eater GamePlay:

Popcorn is a must-have treat while watching a movie in the theater. What is better than eating popcorn while watching your favorite movies? How many grams of popcorn can you eat each time? Let’s check it out in Popcorn Eater at Y8 games online! Not many skills are required to play this game. All you need is your tact. Here, your mission is to make popcorn for a big eater who is waiting for this tasty treat.

Just click or tap or make popcorn and make popcorn drop into our big eater’s mouth. A level is considered complete when the eating bar of the main character is filled up. However, you should make enough popcorn. If there is too much popcorn are made, it may fall and that level isn’t complete. Make a bunch of popcorn and stop. Wait to see if our main character gets the amount of popcorn he needs or not.

Because the process of making popcorn is exciting, you may over enjoy it and make popcorn non-stop and waste it. If 3 popcorn is wasted, you have to start that level over again. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, as soon as you give the command to make popcorn, our popcorn eater opens his mouth widely to wait for his favorite treat. On the way come to the eater’s mouth, popcorn will go through 3 coins and you can use these coins to open new popcorn tastes such as vanilla, caramel, or chocolate.

There are 40 levels in total and as you advance, it’s much harder to deliver popcorn to the eater but if you’re skillful enough, you can make it. Have fun and check out the following games: Cute Elements and Bird trap.

Controls: Tap or click.

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