Ping Pong GamePlay:

Ping Pong is the latest sports game of 2 players on y8 unblocked. Here, you join a match and compete against AI. You get 10 points first and you win. Otherwise, AI is the winner. This game is easy to play. You just need to move the paddle to hit the ping pong ball back and forth across a table but make sure your opponent can’t return the ball. Super easy yet challenging because your opponent is AI and it can easily win over you. You don’t have to learn the rule to play.

This is a simple game that you can jump right into the match after you launch the game. By playing several times, you will improve and know how to make your competitor fail to return the ball. At http://y8y8y8.games/, players can find tons of games that suit all ages, from kids to adults like this one. It not only has simple but addicting gameplay but also an easy control mechanism.

To score, you have to treat your opponent, how to create beautiful spins to confuse him as well as control the strength that you put on each hit. It affects how the ball will land on the opponent’s side. It’s fine if you lose several times. You can learn some tricks each time you lose and you will have a better performance next time. Just don’t give up because the more you play, the more the game makes you hooked.

Get 10 points to win and become a master of table tennis in this game before you check out other choices of games on our site. Yes, many games are worth to play here such as Frisbee Forever 2 and Trick or Treat Bubble Shooter.


Use your mouse to move the paddle.

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