Pecel Skipper GamePlay:

Pecel Skipper is an addicting restaurant game that will give you hours of joy. It’s fun and challenging to play and manage. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you play as a Pecel shop skipper. For those who don’t know what pecel is. It’s one of the typical Indonesian foods. You will sell this food and make money from it. Hungry customers are waiting for you. Serve them with the best dishes and a smile on your face to gain their satisfaction. They may rate your restaurant 5 stars.

Make sure you don’t let your customers wait too long. Otherwise, they will leave and never come back again. Furthermore, they will give you 1 star and it affects your restaurant’s fame. Take the order and prepare food just like each customer orders. It means if you serve them something that they don’t order, they also give you 1 or 2 stars. This Y8 games unblocked game offers 5 levels for you to discover. To unlock the next level, you have to clear the current one.

Besides focusing on serving food, you also have to check out the stock. Make sure all ingredients are always available to use and sell. The higher the customer satisfaction level, the more money you get and you can use this money to upgrade your restaurant. Upgrading is important because it helps you expand your restaurant faster and easier. Even though time doesn’t count, you should be fast in terms of serving.

As mentioned previously, if your customer waits for too long, they will leave with an unhappy face. Happy working day and enjoy your free time in some of the best games on our site such as Rainbow Ice Cream And Popsicles and Grab The Sushi

Instructions: Mouse.

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