Kitts Kingdom GamePlay:

Kitts Kingdom is another tower defend game available for free at Y8 com 2 players where your role is a sergeant who is responsible for protecting the kingdom from enemies. The kingdom of Felis was once peaceful and prosperous and all its Felis citizens lived happily. However, this all changes when the brutes and the canine empire ravaged the land of Felis, destroying all in their path.

All hope seemed lost until the alone sergeant of the Felis army rose against the invading dogs. His name was Kitt. You are Kitt now and you have to kill every single enemy before they enter your base. Be ready because you can’t guess who you’re gonna deal with. Waves of horrible hounds, marauding mutts, pillaging pooches and even mad bosses are coming and ready to tear you apart and dominate the kingdom. You will fight alone.

This game has the same gameplay as most TD games at https://y8y8y8.games/. The only difference is enemies approach you from both sides and your base is placed in the center of the screen. You have to move to the left and right accordingly to shoot at targets before they destroy your base. You and your base have a certain number of health points and you can upgrade your base with coins that you earn from killing enemies.

Upgrade your weapons and base because it’s necessary to defeat enemies and restore peace to the kingdom. Waves after waves of enemies are flooding the kingdom and they won’t stop. However, you can make them stop forever. Good luck and don’t forget to explore more fun games on our site. Some of the best options are Wake Up the Box 2 and Keeper of the Grove.

Instructions: Mouse to aim and shoot. WASD or arrow keys to move. 

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