Hyena Simulator 3D GamePlay:

Humans cannot fully understand the behavior of wild animals. Are you curious about any wild animals’ life? If yes, you will have a chance to experience the life of one of the smartest and the most dangerous animals in the world – hyena. Welcome to Hyena Simulator 3D. Here at Y8 games adventure, you play as a young hyena who will take a mission from the old one. After each mission is completed, you come to the old hyena to take a new mission.

The mission varies, from attacking a tiger, stop humans from destroying the forest by breaking their vehicles, to find a ball, set the flag on the required position and more. Look at the map located in the upper right corner of the screen to know where to go and follow the arrow that guides you through the journey in the forest.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can walk slowly or run at a high speed. Of course, the life of a hyena in this game completely differs from real life. This game is designed just for fun and to give players an enjoyable experience. Join this exciting adventure with one of the most dangerous animals in the world is so much fun and full of unexpected things.

Discover the wild habitat, meet wild animals and do some interesting missions as you advance in the game. There is no loser or winner here. So, feel free to explore like the way you want. And if you like discovery, there are some choices that you should check out such as Call Of Ops 2 and Dinosaur Hunter Survival


Move by using arrow keys or WASD, view, and attack with your mouse, run by using Shift and 1/2/3 to boost your speed.

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