Flashing Square GamePlay:

Flashing Square is an insanely simple, challenging but exciting game about a ball inside a square. You may have played several games that have simple and challenging gameplay like this one at https://y8y8y8.games/. It’s hard to master and it can make you give up right after the first and the second play or motivate you to conquer challenges. The ball will move inside the square but it will explode if it touches the edges of the square.

Your mission is to stop that from happening by touching or clicking to make the square flash. By this, the ball will bounce off. The key is to make the square flash at the right time. So when will that right time come? You have to patiently wait until the ball comes really close to the edges of the square, then quickly tap or click. If you take action faster or sooner just only one second, the game ends there and you won’t have a second chance to keep going.

What more do you want to know about this Y8y8 game? Sadly, that’s it. It’s all about the game. Keeping the ball survive as long as possible is your ultimate objective. Try your best to get the highest scores and set your own records. Each time the ball bounces off the square edges successfully, your earn one point.

Remember that just miss one moment and you fail. It’s hard in the first time play but after a few times, you will master the right moment to make the square flash. Besides skills, you also need patience while playing this game. Have fun and check out other games such as Stickman Bridge and Round The Balls.

Instructions: Tap or click to play.

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