Spider Swing Manhattan GamePlay:

Spider Swing Manhattan gives you a chance to experience a day of becoming Spiderman. Play as Spiderman and you will embark on an endless swinging adventure. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, your main objective is to swing through as many buildings as possible. Shoot a web and soar through the beautiful urban landscape of Manhattan. On each building, you will see one or two points. You shoot web and stick your web to that point to swing to the next building.

You even can pass more than one building with a swing. When you see a square that appears on the point, you know you can stick to that point. You can release yourself from the web and shoot a new web to lengthen the web and gain momentum to jump to the next building. It’s all about timing. Swing at the perfect moment and you will never fail. Your journey will end when you crash into the man standing on the balcony and some other obstacles. Let’s observe before taking action.

This Y8 boys game game still gives you the second chance to keep going when you fall and die but you have to watch an ad video. You can revive by that way or start once over again and manage to set a record without help. As you proceed, things become more challenging. You will face more obstacles. Shooting webs and swinging through the city isn’t simple and easy anymore. However, you are Spiderman and with your spider powers, you are sure to survive and have the most unforgettable swinging journey ever.

With simple controls and fun gameplay, this game will keep you hooked. Have a good day and don’t forget to give other games a try. Here are some options for you: Squid Adventures and CatRobot Idle TD Battle Cat

How to play: Mouse.

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