Santa Dart Game GamePlay:

Santa Dart Game is an enjoyable dart throwing game that you shouldn’t miss. It’s such an amazing game for Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas holiday and play this game with your friends. Here at Y8 boys game, Santa is hung on a rotating platform. No one knows who hung him there. Maybe he wants to challenge himself. You can see some small targets around him. They are also attached to that rotating platform. Your main objective in each level is to throw darts into those targets and make them break.

However, make sure you don’t hurt Santa. You can’t save him from being attached to the platform. You have a certain number of darts at each level. Some levels give you 5 darts. Some levels give you 3 darts. The number of darts won’t be deducted when you throw, even you hit any target or not. However, you will lose a dart if you hit Santa. Therefore, even you have only 1 dart with several targets that need to be hit, you still pass that level as soon as you’re good at throwing darts.

Recently, so many Christmas games are added at https://y8y8y8.games/ and they vary in gameplay. This one is quite unique because it’s not about helping Santa to collect gifts or deliver gifts. It’s sure to give you a great gaming time. Remember that the closer you throw a dart to the bullseye, the more points you earn. Although those scores won’t be used in anything, it’s your achievement.

When you play this game with your friend, you guys can find out who is better at throwing darts by looking at each one’s points. Merry Christmas and enjoy your free time with our game collections. Some great options for you are Ice Queen and Santa Gifts Rescue

Instructions: Mouse to aim and throw darts.

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