Princess Angel Costumes GamePlay:

Our 7 princesses are invited to a dream party and the theme of this party is an angel and the dress code is black and white. Now, they have to be well-prepared. In Princess Angel Costumes at y8 com girl, you will have a chance to discover how an angel looks like and how to dress up like an angel as you pick out for 7 princesses a perfect outfit for each. Which styles do you like more? White with elegance and purity or black with mystery and charm.

There are 2 collections of fashion items with black and white versions. You must help each princess choose the right style and combine skirts, accessories, hairstyles to create a perfect overall. However, make sure they dress differently. You have a wide range of choices, so don’t pick out an outfit for 2 girls. Think about it, you definitely don't want to go to a fancy party and discover someone else dressed just like you, so do the princesses.

Remember that you have many different choices on http://y8y8y8.games/, so there is no reason for the two princesses to wear the same clothes. Wings, dresses, accessories, high-hells and a new hairstyle, you will be overwhelmed by what the game features. All are extremely splendid. You have 7 tries for 7 girls.

Show off your sense of fashion and discover angelic fashion here. You won’t regret as you spend your precious time playing this game for sure. It’s time to smile and shine. 7 princesses will have the most memorable party ever. And you, you can enjoy other games such as From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition and Royal Honeymoon Vacation.

How to play:

Dress up for each princess by using your mouse.