Is Jack Frost Cheating On Elsa? GamePlay:

Everyone knows that Jack Frost and Elsa are in a relationship. Their relationship is sweet and admired by many people. However, these days Elsa feels that Jack is not the same as before. He doesn't care much about Elsa and Elsa suspected Jack Frost may philander with another girl. Is Jack Frost Cheating On Elsa? No one knows. She wants to find out the truth. Here at y8 player, your mission is to help Elsa spy on Jack Frost. First of all, let’s find the password of Jack’s smartphone. The password has 4 characters and the hint is Christmas – Jack’s favorite holiday. Can you guess? Enter the code and this smartphone will be unlocked. Jack and Elsa will go to the movie theater this weekend.

You should take advantage of all the chances to check Jack’s mobile phone. When he is busy at doing other things like eating popcorns, drinking a soft drink or sleeping. You must hurry to find the clue in his phone. However, be careful. Don’t let him catch you. He will be angry. When a red sign appears on the screen, you should know that it’s time to stop your action. When the process bar is full, you will find a photo of Jack and another girl. Elsa is mad right now. She decided to break up with Jack and her friends will cheer her up with a party. Let’s chill out.

On y8 game new , you are in charge of choosing an outfit for Elsa, Ariel, and Anna. Change their clothes of your choice and have fun. If you want to follow other stories about Disney princesses' life, check out Disney Princesses Underwear Party and Princess Elsa Spring 

Instructions: Use your left click to play this game.

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