Fireman Jet GamePlay:

Fire is one of the scary disasters. It has incredible destructive power. There are many causes of fires but whatever the cause, the consequences are very serious. In Fire Jet, you will have a chance to work as a fireman and find out how hard this job is. You have to face death at any time. At y8 games for fun free, a skyscraper has many floors is burning. If you don’t take action quickly, it will be burned into ash.

Let’s use water to put our fire and rescue the people and pets are being trapped inside each floor. However, there is no way to climb to each floor. You must use the thrust of water to reach the upper floors. Use it as a jet to lift you to a higher place. However, it’s easy to control. You must have skills and brave. The more fires that you extinguish, the higher score you will earn.

Try to approach the upper floors because it’s one of your main goals on http://y8y8y8.games/. With each fire is put out, you earn some coins. You can use these coins to unlock new skins. Remember to stay away from the fires. Don’t jump directly on the fires if you don’t want to get burned. Try to survive as long as possible to put out more fires and save more floors.

In the beginning, you may feel that the control is hard but after a few times, you will get familiar with the control mechanism and gradually improve your score. If you are looking for other games as enjoyable as this game, Amnesia True Subway Horror and Hammer are the best choice for you.


Use left/right/down arrow keys to control your character.

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