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Have you smelled the addictive scent of grilled BBQ skewers yet? Who can resist this wonderful dish? Let’s hold a BBQ party here in BBQ Skewers at Y8 girls games play. This is the latest puzzle game that you have to try a least one time. Otherwise, you miss a great game. It’s about sorting food. Before having tasty BBQ skewers, you need to make skewers with different ingredients and grill them. It’s not an easy mission, you have to keep it in your mind.

Luckily, the game won’t require you to finish each mission within a certain number of moves or given time. You can solve each puzzle at your own pace without worrying about running out of time or moves like many puzzle games out there. In each level, you will have an empty skewer. Make use of that skewer to put all pieces of each ingredient to a specific skewer.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, a mission is successful once all skewers have 4 pieces of the same food. The difficulty level increases as new ingredients appear. It’s much harder to sort many pieces of different ingredients. You have 5 times to undo what you have done but you’re better to save that helping option and play that level once again instead. A rule you must follow is that you can only put a piece of food if it’s similar to the piece of existing food in that skewer and there’s enough space on that skewer.

Remember that each skewer contains 4 pieces. So that’s all about this amazing puzzle game. If you want to deal with more challenges, let’s have a look at other choices of games such as Soft Girl Aesthetic and Love Story Diana Dress Up.

How to play: Left mouse to sort items.

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